Contactless Digital Menus
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Make your restaurant a safe place to visit by offering your guests a contactless digital menu they can conveniently browse on their devices

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Why Spork Digital Menus?

Increase Restaurant’s Revenue

  • Get faster table turnaround
  • Increase average ticket size
  • Get higher tips for your servers

Cut Down on Operational Expenses

  • Eliminate menu printing costs
  • Streamline and optimize menus
  • Increase front and back of the house staff productivity

Maximize Menu Flexibility

  • Update your menus instantly
  • Change availability of menu items in real time
  • Display specific menus in different floor zones or throughout the day

Delight Your Guests

  • Hide or display items as unavailable to avoid confusion
  • Display your menus in the language of your guests
  • Allow guests to search or filter for items they are interested in

Benefits of Using Digital Menus

Save on Printing Costs

Paper menus need to be printed regularly, whenever they wear out, get dirty, or the menu changes. With digital menus, those printing expenses can be avoided.

Make Translations Easy

Translating a menu into as many languages as needed is simple and does not require any additional expenses for printing

Get Faster Table Turnaround

Guests don't need to wait around for the server to bring them the menu. And servers can concentrate on delivering food instead of explaining menu items to first-time guests.

Provide More Information

With a digital menu there is virtually an unlimited amount of space to illustrate and describe each menu item, which helps guests in making their selections without relying on explanations from the server

Reduce the Spread of Germs

With social distancing becoming the new normal and menu being the most handled item at a restaurant that is never disinfected, a digital menu eliminates the necessity for the customers to touch something handled by other guests

Increase Sales

An interactive digital menu that has recommendations for extras and pairing suggestions increases opportunities for up sell and cross sell, because guests don't feel like they're pressured into ordering more by their server

Always Up to Date

Because a digital menu can be updated instantly, it can display real time information about the supply. Menu items can be added, reordered, removed, and marked as unavailable, which avoids misleading the guests and increases customer satisfaction.

Collect Customer Feedback

An interactive digital menu offers visibility and a chance to react to guest's actions, by collecting data about menu items guests have considered prior to placing an order. It also allows measuring customer satisfaction by asking to leave a feedback or like.

It's The Future

People of all generations are increasingly preferring reading from their screens. Menus are no exception. To remain competitive, even the most conservative, technology hesitant restaurants are replacing their printed menus with 21st century alternatives.

How Does Spork

Interactive Menu Work?

  • You build and deploy your interactive digital menu and place a QR code at each table
  • A customer scans the QR code and gets the menu on their phone
  • No apps! No downloads!

Design Your Own Menu

Create a digital menu that is as unique as your restaurant - use available theme presets to customize your menu or create a brand new design

Check Out A Sample Menu

Take a look at a sample menu by scanning the QR code on the left or follow this link

Spork Digital Menu Features

  • Describe an item once and list it in multiple menus. Make a change to an item and it will be updated in all menus, where it is listed
  • Set a separate price for the same item in different menus

  • Switch between different menus throughout the day without changing the QR codes.
  • Instantly reorder items or change item price on any menus as needed.
  • Temporarily hide menu items or mark them as unavailable with a single click.

  • Create a beautiful splash screen to introduce your restaurant using images, videos, and other custom marketing content

  • Share valuable menu item nutritional information with your customers if needed or required

  • Translate your menus into any number of languages while viewing and editing the original and its translation side-by-side

  • Separate your restaurant floor plan into multiple zones, like the dining floor, bar, or VIP room. Assign tables to each zone as needed and display different menus in different zones if desired.

  • Offer other items as extras, like appetizers with entrees or soda drinks with hamburgers.
  • Recommend complimentary items where appropriate, i.e. wine pairing.

  • Easily customize complicated items that can be offered in different sizes or with different options, each, possibly, priced separately
  • Create combination meals or preset menus that consist of multiple items

  • Create one-off menus for special occasions and corporate events.
  • Choose the tables or zones in your restaurant where the event will take place. Scanning the QR codes at those tables during the event will direct the guests to the event menu. When the event ends, those QR codes will automatically point back to their regular menus.

  • Assign any relevant tags to menu items, like hot, vegan, or gluten free and your guests will be able to use those tags to search or filter based on their dietary preferences

  • Utilize business analytics and customer feedback channels to guide your menu pricing and increase your profit margins

  • Our customer support team is available to answer your questions online whenever you need help