Integration Benefits

All Menus are In Sync

Keep your menus in sync between Spork and your POS

Real-time Menu Updates

Sync menus in one direction only or both ways if desired

Enable Flow of Orders

Ensure your orders are in sync between Spork and your POS

Share Order Status

Share open order status between Spork and your POS

Update Payment Status

Share open order payment status from POS system to Spork

Choose Order Types

Decide which order types - dine-in, delivery, and/or takeout - to sync up with POS

How It Works

Step 1

Enable and configure this integration by making key decisions on menu and order synchronization flows that meet your restaurant’s specific needs.

Step 2

Establish a connection between Spork and your POS software by signing into your existing POS system account.

Step 3

Set it and forget it! Our integration will keep both systems in sync with no additional effort on your part